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An hour long premiere dance performance.

“The virtuosity of the performance broke boundaries.”

-Alicia Graf Mack, Director of Dance at Juilliard 

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Start Dancing

In these essential (and complimentary!) videos, I'll introduce you to some basics principles of dance so that you can start to feel the immeasurable joy that dancing can bring to your life!

Gaining Ninja Speed

Learn how to become a master of time and space.

Infinite Endurance

Challenge your physical capacity and break the glass ceilings of your endurance.

Invisible Endurance

Create a new level of strength in the system. Dance to get stronger!

Hi, I'm Nathan Hirschaut, and I am the founder of Hive Dance Company, a place where we welcome all to celebrate, teach, study, explore, and share the

power of dance. 

-Nathan Hirschaut

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Watch Now

Learn, deepen, and explore the principles of dance.

Yogic Crosstraining

Try out these complimentary Kundalini Yoga practices to feel the immense clarifying and rejuvenating benefits of Kundalini Yoga. 

Break addictions

3-minute meditation to release addictive patterns.

Release built up anger

3-minute meditation to release anger and resentment.

Full energetic upgrade

Full hour-long class to reboot the entire body/mind system.

May every human feel the infinite joy of dancing.

Learn more about Nathan's mission and the story of Hive 

Get Inspired

Check out some of my dance performances!

In the midst of it

A solo created and performed by Nathan.


Choreographed by Nathan Hirschaut.

Danced by: Can Wang, Paige Borowski, and Barry Gans

What once was

Choreographed  by Nathan Hirschaut 

Performed by Nathan Hirschaut


The Dance Life

Listen to Nathan Hirschaut's talk show for free-flowing conversations on cutting-edge dance practice, teaching, choreography, entrapenuership, & activism.

Nathan Hirschaut on Tour

Check out Nathan Hirschaut’s global tour schedule & hang with me in a city near (or not-so-near) you. 

Nathan is an impeccably trained dancer who continues to work every day to develop his skills not only as a dancer and choreographer, but also as a leader, mentor, and shaker of conventional values.

-Angela Michelle

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