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Virtual and in-person interdisciplinary productions

Performances that heal

Nathan's work balances and shifts between two realities. One being entertaining and inspiring performance art and another being healing and transformative ritual.

Nathan's work is raw, ancient, and unbelievably articulate. The work expresses the fullness of the human experience and guides viewers into places of personal empowerment and catharsis. 

Nathan aims to create work that reveals the mysteries of the human body and mind and expands the capacity of our experiential understanding of our own power. The work is truly superhuman.

Welcome to Hive Dance Company, GET INSPIRED HERE.

-Nathan Hirschaut

Past Creations


Full performances are either complementary or available for purchase

Tour Schedule 



December 18th-21st

Sonic Gates is set to stream live through the RAMA VIRTUAL FESTIVAL, December 18th-21st.

Headliner: Alicia Keys



January 22nd-23rd, Hive Theatre, Santa Cruz, Ca / Virtual Live Stream

More information coming soon,

Green Texture


Coming soon

More info coming soon.


The team behind Hive Dance Company


Nathan Hirschaut

Rehearsal Director/Dancer

Danielle Lee-Hogervorst


Joelle Santiago

Head of board

Linda Grace Kimball


Mikaela Brandon


Zoe Hollinshead

Frequently Asked Questions

Are refunds for tickets available?

If the event is put on by Hive. Yes, please email, to get a refund. If the event is not put on by Hive it will depend on the event organizer.

Do you have auditions for artists?

Our company runs project based, for each project we may hold auditions for dancers, singers, ect... Stay up to date on our Instagram @hivedancecompany for any news about auditions.

Where can I see you perform?

You can watch our recorded performances here. To see a live show check out our tour schedule .

I want to donate, where do I go?

We would deeply appreciate your donation. Please go donate. All donations ARE tax deductible.


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All donations are tax deductible.


Special thanks to our donors who make all this possible!

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