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2 days of creativity, consciousness, and movement!

December 12th &13th

Experience the profound freedom of dance.

To dance is to remember our body's power, pleasure, and sensitivity. Dancing is our birthright, dancing is our freedom, dancing is our transformation, and dancing is ours. We are all dancers.

The world of HIVE is here to enhance your experience of dance, so that you may have the motivation, support, and tools to feel the endless gifts of dancing.

How to grow as a dancer?

1. Set up your practice. Go to the Hive Dance Studio and learn the principles of dance.

2. Stay inspired, watch Hive Dance Company Performances.

3. Get support. Join our intimate support program Hive Mind.

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Angela Michelle

Nathan is an impeccably trained dancer who continues to work every day to develop his skills not only as a dancer and choreographer, but also as a leader, mentor, and shaker of conventional values.

Mary Sophia Winslow

An older friend I invited to the Hive show wrote me a note after saying that she came away with her hope for the future of humanity restored.

Linda Grace Kimball


Dancing with, not for.

I see dance following this example

What people are saying.

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